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Research proposals are well defined descriptions of a specific focused study. Its purpose is to give a proper explanation of the study they intent to carry. When you are writing a research report you should focus on convincing the reader about the authenticity of your research methods as well as the resources you pursue regarding the focused study. It is needed to be absolutely error free are fully associated with the research.

Research proposal are prepared aiming the approvals from different committees of different subject backgrounds and hence, every verity of subject research report may vary from one another.

When creating a research proposal you will need to carry out and undergo many prospections and thesis that will end up in your proposal. Creating an eye catching proposal is a really tough job as it needs to be precise and on point with being written in a way that can easily attract the reader’s attention.

No matter how good or skillful you may be in writing but for writing a paper of such intensity and precision. You may want to consider taking some clues from few 'examples'.

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An Investigation of the Factors that serve as Determinants of Consumer Purchase Decision of Luxury Brands

12 pages (3000 words) , Research Proposal

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Cross Cultural Management in International Business

13 pages (3250 words) , Research Proposal

The presence of cross cultural differences in modern large scale and multinational organizations is a common phenomenon. It has become essential for organizations to procure employees and resources from various nations so as to enhance productivity and for developing competitive advantages. Most organizations these days indulge in formulating specialized strategies through which such cross cultural differences can be reduced. Since organizations have increasingly adopted the development of an environment which is feasible and compatible for employees from diverse nations, the development of a universal corporate culture has emerged. As a result of such a universal culture it is possible for multinationals to transact business and also for employees to move from one firm or location to the other. The development of such a flexible culture is however dependent on a number of factors and is implemented after many careful evaluations. Mangers are required to understand the backgrounds and requirements of employees and stakeholders who belong from various nations and accordingly formulate strategies. The present research work facilitates identifying the major issues associated with cross cultural differences existing within firms and how they can be mitigated. The research work incorporates both primary and secondary data collection. The analysis of the procured information is mainly carried out through qualitative techniques. However minor utilization of the quantitative techniques has also been undertaken for proper interpretation of the information collected from the survey.

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Influences of Website Quality and Perceived Risk on Purchase Intention of Chinese Consumers toward Online Shopping

14 pages (3500 words) , Research Proposal

Online shopping has been a growing segment in China. The rapid development of the online retailers has created massive challenges for a number of traditional retailers as they consistently lose more number of customers. Online shopping is preferred mainly sue to convenience. The busy lifestyle of modern day consumers offers very little time to visit shops and buy products directly. Instead, consumers prefer to buy products online through just a few clicks. This not only saves time, but is also considered to be proper utilization of resources. However purchasing intentions of consumers are seen to be impacted by a number of factors, such as information quality, systems quality, financial risks, security risks etc. The present study analyses the impact of such factors upon the purchasing intentions of consumers. The study has been carried out by gathered data from Chinese online consumers. Statistical analysis of the results had been carried out for procuring logical and reliable conclusions and to determine which factors impact the purchasing decisions of consumers in the online segment.

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