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Research proposals are well defined descriptions of a specific focused study. Its purpose is to give a proper explanation of the study they intent to carry. When you are writing a research report you should focus on convincing the reader about the authenticity of your research methods as well as the resources you pursue regarding the focused study. It is needed to be absolutely error free are fully associated with the research.

Research proposal are prepared aiming the approvals from different committees of different subject backgrounds and hence, every verity of subject research report may vary from one another.

When creating a research proposal you will need to carry out and undergo many prospections and thesis that will end up in your proposal. Creating an eye catching proposal is a really tough job as it needs to be precise and on point with being written in a way that can easily attract the reader’s attention.

No matter how good or skillful you may be in writing but for writing a paper of such intensity and precision. You may want to consider taking some clues from few 'examples'.

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Brand Market Expansion: Dissertation Proposal

7 pages (1750 words) , Research Proposal

This research study is based on the theme of brand expansion of a luxury fashion brand called Kenzo, which was initiated by Kenzo Takada, a famous fashion designer from Japan. The aim of this research study is to identify a new market for Kenzo for its market expansion. In this study, marketing strategies and market entry modes have to be selected for Kenzo’s expansion to those countries where the brand has not set its footprints yet. Countries like India, New Zealand, and other African countries are those, where the popularity of Kenzo cannot be felt, may be because of the presence of other popular fashion brands. In order to expand Kenzo to these countries, this research study is being conducted. For conducting the research study, data would be collected for the study from the secondary sources, such as company website, fashion magazines, books, journal articles, newspapers, and online libraries. These data would be used to conduct a qualitative analysis, so as to identify solution for the research questions that has been considered for this study, on the basis of the research objective.

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Consumer Behaviour of Asia Air Traveller

16 pages (4000 words) , Research Proposal

In this research proposal, the preferences and the behavioural pattern of Asian air travellers has been analysed with the help of gap analysis framework. The researcher has conducted a detailed review on the past literature and illustrated the research methods he intends to use for his research. The researcher is going to perform quantitative research through the distribution of close-ended questionnaire to Asian air travellers.

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Impact of marketing channel on matured students

8 pages (2000 words) , Research Proposal

In this research paper, the aim is to find the right marketing channels preferred by the matured age group students. Through the theoretical perspective, it has been noticed that student who are more than 21 years of age demand for quality education. To perform the research, the researcher will be performing a primary data collection technique. The data collected from the students is going to be analysed with the SPSS tool. It is expected that there are some specific marketing channels that affects their demand.

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Economic Crisis and its Effect on Marketing Strategy of Volkswagen in Vietnam

5 pages (1250 words) , Research Proposal

This research study has been designed with the objective of identifying Volkswagen’s strategies in the Asian markets during financial crisis. In order to do that a brief analysis of the automotive industry has been stated in the study so as discuss the effect of economic slowdown on the regional automotive market and the condition of the Asian automotive market during such situation. It was found that Volkswagen faced challenging situation in the European and American market during 2008-09 due to financial crunch. However, they focused on launch of small car segments for the Asian market as the demand for such products were high. Further they also developed and research innovative strategies to make them their core competencies so as to get an edge over the competitors. Moreover, the Asian market was so much affected by the economic crisis as that of the European market, so countries like China, India, South Korea, Indonesia, Japan, Vietnam, and Thailand showed potential of growth and demand.

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Concept and Product Testing of Nespresso Lattissima

12 pages (3000 words) , Research Proposal

The report is based on designing the concept testing and product prototype testing procedure for the new product development process of Nespresso Lattissima. The product is a single serve coffee-espresso machine of Nestlé Nespresso S.A., which includes unique features such as one-touch milk frother technology and auto rinsing facility. The further discussion regarding the concept testing process has detailed the aim and objectives of the procedure as well as the suitable respondent for the market research process. The objective of the concept testing is targeted to analyze the acceptability of the concept within the potential marketplace. The targeted respondents include current users of Nespresso coffee machines, specialists from Specialty Coffee Association of America and importers from six major coffee import countries. The report has suggested focus group discussion for the successful completion of the concept testing process. The organization needs to select 8-10 respondents from each group to conduct the research. This process will allow the organization to gather in-depth details of the market while incurring less expense. This section has also evaluated the justification and limitation of this research process. The second section has discussed the product testing process, which will focus on relating the customer experience regarding the product prototype with the product concept. It will assess the feasibility and acceptability of the finished product within the marketplace. This research process has selected quantitative as well as qualitative aspect to gather insight from market. The quantitative process includes online survey and conjoint analysis while the qualitative part considers focus group discussion. The report has detailed the implementation process of these research metho0ds with sample questionnaire. Finally, it has discussed the justification as well as the limitation of the research processes in the product testing method.

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