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A report is a concise document written for a particular subject and for a specific audience. It normally sets out and analyses a problem often making any kind of improvements that are needed in future. A report is generally a factual paper so it needs to be written with proper structure. Students all over the world face problems in maintaining a proper structure for a report. Reports should be precise and the content should be well researched as it normally contains facts that has recently happened or is happening. Reports are not only designed to lead people go through them in a structured manner but also enable readers to find information through them easily. Report writing needs proper planning and well researched topics as grades are deducted for trivial topics. A report should be very easy to read and understand even to someone who has little knowledge about the topic or the subject that has been provided. Report writing needs executive summary which provides the purpose and aim of the report that is to be written.


Several samples on report writing has been provided in our website that can enable the student with the essential knowledge about report writing. As report writing involves factual presentation of ideas, the structure is of utmost importance. The students can gather knowledge about the structure of the report from the examples served in our website. Literature knowledge of the report is necessary, students can gain knowledge about literature from the samples we have provided. Reading other people’s reports can help students write better reports, our samples provide ample opportunities for students to excel ion writing reports. You can always consult our expert writers for any help that is need with writing reports. Flawless, grammatical error free reports can beer delivered by our experts within the given deadline. Trust us for excelling in your academic career with flying colours.

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Business Plan for Lexi Western Wear Inc.

16 pages (4000 words) , Report

The report is based on the start-up business plan for Lexi Western wear Inc. This is a small specialty clothing retail store planned to be situated in 90 Carl Street, Cole Valley, Los Angeles, California. The retail outlet will be specialized in selling clothing materials, accessories and jwelleries to the female consumers of Los Angeles. The organisation is targeted to fulfill the demand and clothing preferences of 18 to 35 years of the female consumers in Los Angeles which represent the 11% and 15% of the market respectively. The fashion clothing industry is rapidly growing in Los Angeles. Over 19% of the manufacturing firms of Los Angeles are focused towards the apparel industry of the location. Growing GDP rate is also incresing the demand of the potential market. The organisation will start its business in a partnership form. The ownership of the company will be handled by two personnel. As a top management I will handle the decision making process of sales, marketing and promotional process. The other partner will handle the administrative work. During the initial two years the organisation will possess 8 employees in four major departments such as sales, product customisation, customer service and billing and front desk. All of the employees need to be graduate with adequate experience in their respective field. The primary investment will be done by the owner of the company. A certain part of the finance will be accumulated from bank loan. The projected sales forecast and cash flow have demonstrated sustainable growth within the five years of its operation. According to the break-even analysis the organisation can generate profit within the third month of its operation. The possible drop in growth rate of the industry, price competiton, new product introduction by competitors, faliure of suppliers to provide products within right time and advancement of sales technologies can hamper the expected growth rate of the organisation. The orgaisation need to concentrate of continuous updation of their training process and process techniques as per the changing requirement of the society. They also need to improvise their products and services according to the changing market demand.

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Internationalisation strategies for Petrobras

9 pages (2250 words) , Report

The paper illustrates the internationalization path of Petrobas through detailed business concept and internationalization theories. Through the analysis, it has been found that the company needs to increase their domestic offerings to attract a large portion of new market segments. The organisation also needs to focus on different economically developed parts of the USA and UK to strengthen their market position.

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Strategic Analysis of Emaar Properties

12 pages (3000 words) , Report

The report is based on the study of the strategic management of Emaar Properties; a UAE based Real Estate Company. The first part of the discussion has detailed the company overview and their vision and mission statements. It has also detailed the current strategic movement of the organization. The organization mainly follows the focused differentiation strategy and diversification strategy to expand their business across the world. The next section has detailed the macro-environmental factors of the UAE market such as political and legal, technological, socio-cultural and environmental factors. The analysis of these fact ors has assisted in the evaluation of the opportunities and threats of the business within the domestic and international market. The discussion has also evaluated Porter’s five forces framework to analyze the competitive position of the organization within its operated market. Therefore, it has detailed the strength, weaknesses and distinctive competencies of the organizations. The last section of the report has discussed the major strategic issues and challenges which includes employee retention, maintenance of product quality etc. hence, the study has offered a number of solutions and their implementations that can assist the organization to enhance their long-term market operation.

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International market entry and development of Ariel Motor Company in China

16 pages (3800 words) , Report

The report is based on the market entry and market development strategy of Ariel Motor Company, a light weight sports car and bike manufacturing and marketing firm in England. The discussion is focused on the market expansion strategy of Ariel Motor Company in China market. The discussion has evaluated the company structure and its internal strength and weaknesses. The further discussion has also illustrated the factors of macro environment in China which can affect the business expansion plan of the organisation. The proper discussion of the political, legal, socio-cultural, technological and environmental condition of China has allowed to efficiently evaluating the scopes and barriers of market entry for the organisation. The discussion has also evaluated the Hofstede’s cultural dimensions of the China population to detail their purchasing behaviour. This analysis has allowed the study to demonstrate the rationale behind choosing the China automobile market. The next section of the discussion has evaluated different international entry modes and their advantages and disadvantages. It has also provided details about the China market entry strategies of different leading organisation such as Volkswagen, General Motors and Toyota. This study has assisted to select joint venture as a suitable entry mode for the organisation in China market. The study has elaborated different external and internal factors that are influencing the international market entry procedure. Finally the report has detailed the market development strategies of the organisation in terms of different marketing mix tools.

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Managing Diversity Awareness Campaign

7 pages (1700 words) , Report

The paper illustrates the importance of gender equality in the workplace. The awareness campaign is provided on Gender Equality for improving the behaviours and attitude of workers and management towards the diversity of gender within workplaces. Since there are both advantage and disadvantage related to a campaign, so assessment of the different factors is considered important.

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