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A report is a concise document written for a particular subject and for a specific audience. It normally sets out and analyses a problem often making any kind of improvements that are needed in future. A report is generally a factual paper so it needs to be written with proper structure. Students all over the world face problems in maintaining a proper structure for a report. Reports should be precise and the content should be well researched as it normally contains facts that has recently happened or is happening. Reports are not only designed to lead people go through them in a structured manner but also enable readers to find information through them easily. Report writing needs proper planning and well researched topics as grades are deducted for trivial topics. A report should be very easy to read and understand even to someone who has little knowledge about the topic or the subject that has been provided. Report writing needs executive summary which provides the purpose and aim of the report that is to be written.


Several samples on report writing has been provided in our website that can enable the student with the essential knowledge about report writing. As report writing involves factual presentation of ideas, the structure is of utmost importance. The students can gather knowledge about the structure of the report from the examples served in our website. Literature knowledge of the report is necessary, students can gain knowledge about literature from the samples we have provided. Reading other people’s reports can help students write better reports, our samples provide ample opportunities for students to excel ion writing reports. You can always consult our expert writers for any help that is need with writing reports. Flawless, grammatical error free reports can beer delivered by our experts within the given deadline. Trust us for excelling in your academic career with flying colours.

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Enterprise Social Networks

12 pages (3000 words) , Report

Social media acts as a great equalizer. The educational institutions can utilize the social media and promote themselves without spending money and small colleges can also become popular instantly. There are many small colleges and educational institutes who have posted videos of their courses and online classes to created small advertisement with the resources available within the institute and uploaded them on YouTube or Facebook. Those videos received huge number of likes and the institutions became popular instantly. The basic motive of utilizing media is to promote, lets people know what the colleges and universities has to sell. The social media serves the purpose. This study is based on utilizing social media networking for higher education and students in the universities and colleges. The cost for promotion through social networking sites is almost nothing and it is very easy to understand and handle. This will surely affect the financial status of the universities and colleges. The tools used for such promotions are: Blogging, Permalinks, Comments, Themes, etc. Other than this, company can create pages in twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Myspace, the most popular ones.

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Strategic Management of Grand Metropolitan Companies

8 pages (2000 words) , Report

The following report aims at identifying the strategic direction of Grand Metropolitan Companies in future. The company includes an array of luxury products or brands and also companies around the world. In spite of enjoying relative degree of competitive advantage, the company was short lived because many of its acquisitions failed to give the desired return.

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Marketing Management

10 pages (2500 words) , Report

The following report aims at introducing a new product idea, developing its marketing strategy and analyses the marketing ingredients required to make the new idea a success. The American information technological company Hewlett-Packard (HP) is selected for the purpose. The printers manufactured by HP is assumed as of the innovative product developed by the company.

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Establishing Money Exchange and Transfer Business

18 pages (4500 words) , Report

The following study focusses on a money exchange and transfer business called Quick Money Exchange that would be established in Dubai UAE to offer various products and services related to remittance and exchange. Moreover, the present marketplace of Dubai is analysed along with the determination of the operational as well as the financial plan.

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Business Plan of IT Shoes

12 pages (3000 words) , Report

Mission IT shoes has the mission to offer stylish and trendy shoes to ladies and the shoes will provide comforts to their feet while enjoying time inside the bar and restaurants. Business opportunity The French market is complemented with optimism for players planning to enter shoe business. Women in France do not prefer to wear uncomfortable high heel shoes while dancing inside bar and restaurant hence there is a possibility that they will chose ballerinas for the sake of self comfort (Kelly, “Coming to a Club Near You: Disposable Shoes in a Vending Machine”). The vending machine installed by IT Shoes will sell ballerina at €7 which is cheaper in comparison to branded shoes offered by companies like Adidas, Nike and Puma to people of France. Although companies like Rollasole and Afterheels are selling ballerina shoes through vending machines in countries like UK, USA and Australia but they their penetration in French market is low hence IT shoes has the opportunity to cater to the demands of an untouched market (Fleming, “Flat shoes in a flash! Vending machines that dispense ballet flats to stiletto-sore party girls take U.S. clubs by storm”). The business venture has the opportunity to consolidate business opportunities in the country due to absence of any market leader. Industry Environment Although the shoe industry in France is multidimensional due to presence of various players but such multidimensionality is absent in disposable Shoes industry. The idea of buying flat shoes from vending machine installed in the night club is literally new for French people. Disposable shoes are targeted towards female clubbers in the age group of 18 to 35 years who visit bars and night club frequently (“Students' steps to help clubbers”). Ladies do not prefer to wear high heel during tiring dance session in night club in order to save their feet from pain and discomfort. Partners of IT Shoes like Night club owners, third party contractor and suppliers play crucial role in deciding the direction of the business for disposable shoes. Companies in Shoe industry of France need to outsource the production facility in order to decrease overall cost of value chain and cost of goods sold. IT shoes will outsource the production activity to Morocco (Moroccan American Trade & Investment Centre has pointed out that production cost in Morocco is $219.71 which is way below than France) in order to decrease overall cost of production (Moroccan American Trade & Investment Centre). The disposable shoe industry is dominated by two players such as Rollasole and Afterheels. These players offer disposable shoes at competitive price but their offering lacks in style and aesthetics. For example, Rollasole’s shoes are handy because customers can roll it inside the bag but their offering fails to deliver the aesthetics and style statement to ladies while Afterheels offer environment friendly ballerina but their offering also lacks style quotient and aesthetics.

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