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A report is a concise document written for a particular subject and for a specific audience. It normally sets out and analyses a problem often making any kind of improvements that are needed in future. A report is generally a factual paper so it needs to be written with proper structure. Students all over the world face problems in maintaining a proper structure for a report. Reports should be precise and the content should be well researched as it normally contains facts that has recently happened or is happening. Reports are not only designed to lead people go through them in a structured manner but also enable readers to find information through them easily. Report writing needs proper planning and well researched topics as grades are deducted for trivial topics. A report should be very easy to read and understand even to someone who has little knowledge about the topic or the subject that has been provided. Report writing needs executive summary which provides the purpose and aim of the report that is to be written.


Several samples on report writing has been provided in our website that can enable the student with the essential knowledge about report writing. As report writing involves factual presentation of ideas, the structure is of utmost importance. The students can gather knowledge about the structure of the report from the examples served in our website. Literature knowledge of the report is necessary, students can gain knowledge about literature from the samples we have provided. Reading other people’s reports can help students write better reports, our samples provide ample opportunities for students to excel ion writing reports. You can always consult our expert writers for any help that is need with writing reports. Flawless, grammatical error free reports can beer delivered by our experts within the given deadline. Trust us for excelling in your academic career with flying colours.

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Marketing Strategy of American Hot Dog Cart

10 pages (2500 words) , Report

The project deals with the introduction of hot dog cart business in United Kingdom. In the first part of the project an introduction of the concept of the business has been given. The next portion of the project continues with the industry analysis of the UK fast food industry followed by the SWOT Analysis of the business. Then the strategies which should be implemented in the new market have been suggested to the business using porter’s generic strategy and Ansoff’s matrix. The business has been recommended to follow cost leadership strategy in order to implement the growth strategy of market extension. Finally, a proper marketing mix has been suggested to the company in order to achieve competitive advantage in UK fast food industry.

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Service Gaps Model and Service Profit Chain of John Lewis

8 pages (2000 words) , Report

In the following discussions, the concept of service marketing and product marketing has been explored. The concept of service marketing is relatively new in contrast to concept of product marketing. Service gap model has been explored in the report to acquire better understanding regarding the marketing concepts. The marketing practices used by John Lewis has been taken under consideration for better understanding.

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Organizational Development

6 pages (1500 words) , Report

The study has decided to shed some light on various facets of organizational development (OD). Key objective of the study is to recommend OD intervention strategies for an organization which can improve its performance in the long run. In the first part, the study has conducted a literature review in order to understand importance of various theoretical concepts of OD. On the basis of theoretical argument presented in the literature review, the study has identified internal and external issues which can force an organization to seek for OD intervention. In the last section, the study has recommended OD intervention strategies for the organization in order to improve its performance. The research paper has also suggested evaluation technique which can monitor the efficacy of recommended OD interventions for the organization.

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Green Supply Chain Management

9 pages (2250 words) , Report

The discussions of the following paper focus on the concept of green supply chain management. It is evident from the discussions that organizations need to involve both internal and external stakeholders to improve the performance of the green supply chain management. An integrated network should be created by linking all the members of the value chain in order to make the green supply chain management not only sustainable but profitable also.

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Benefits of E-Recruitment on Human Resource Supply Chain Management

11 pages (2750 words) , Report

Purpose – Although research scholars have predicted that internet will be the future of recruitment and also predicted that sooner or later e-recruitment will replace other traditional recruitment sources, however till date there is not much literature available which investigates the relationship between benefits of e-recruitment and efficiency of human resource supply chain management from the perspective of Indian healthcare service industry. This paper aims to investigate how benefits of e-recruitment can help Indian healthcare service companies to improve its human resource supply chain management and achieve competitive advantage. Design/methodology– The researcher will use survey method for collecting data from HR managers of Indian healthcare companies and then take help of statistical tools in order to analyze the data. The researcher has taken help of diffusion of innovation theory (DIT) in order to formulate the research model. Findings – Benefits of e-recruitment such as cost efficiency, broader access to potential candidate’s profile and short recruitment cycle can positively increase efficiency for human resource supply chain management for Indian healthcare companies and also can help them to achieve competitive advantage in terms of profitability and return on investment. Originality/value – This research will try to shed light on relational matrix between e-recruitment and human resource supply chain management in terms of Indian healthcare industry perspective, the research problem for the study is ignored by the previous researchers for a long time. Findings of the researcher will create not only scope for future researchers but also help companies to decide e-recruitment strategy.

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