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A report is a concise document written for a particular subject and for a specific audience. It normally sets out and analyses a problem often making any kind of improvements that are needed in future. A report is generally a factual paper so it needs to be written with proper structure. Students all over the world face problems in maintaining a proper structure for a report. Reports should be precise and the content should be well researched as it normally contains facts that has recently happened or is happening. Reports are not only designed to lead people go through them in a structured manner but also enable readers to find information through them easily. Report writing needs proper planning and well researched topics as grades are deducted for trivial topics. A report should be very easy to read and understand even to someone who has little knowledge about the topic or the subject that has been provided. Report writing needs executive summary which provides the purpose and aim of the report that is to be written.


Several samples on report writing has been provided in our website that can enable the student with the essential knowledge about report writing. As report writing involves factual presentation of ideas, the structure is of utmost importance. The students can gather knowledge about the structure of the report from the examples served in our website. Literature knowledge of the report is necessary, students can gain knowledge about literature from the samples we have provided. Reading other people’s reports can help students write better reports, our samples provide ample opportunities for students to excel ion writing reports. You can always consult our expert writers for any help that is need with writing reports. Flawless, grammatical error free reports can beer delivered by our experts within the given deadline. Trust us for excelling in your academic career with flying colours.

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Brand Analysis of Coca-Cola

8 pages (2000 words) , Report

In the following report, brand analysis has been conducted for the company, Coca Cola. The various factors associated with the concept of brand equity have been explored. Brand auditing has been conducted for Coca Cola using various aspects such as brand promise, brand personality, brand value, brand attributes and visual identities.

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Strategic Management and Strategic Competitiveness of Proctor & Gamble

40 pages (10000 words) , Report

In the following report, the strategic management and strategic competitiveness exhibited by Proctor & Gamble has been analyzed. The technological changes that have been encountered by the firm due to globalization have been evaluated in the following discussions. Various models such as Industry Organizational (I/O) Model and Resource Based Model have been utilized for the same.

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Business Processes of Wal-Mart Stores Inc

11 pages (2750 words) , Report

In the following report, the various organizational aspects of Wal-Mart Inc. Stores have been analyzed. The operational strategies employed by Wal-Mart Inc. Stores have been evaluated as well. Furthermore, PEST analysis framework has been utilized to acquire a better evaluation of the firm and the industry to which it belongs.

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Ecommerce-Business Models of Ebay

7 pages (1750 words) , Report

In the following report, the electronic commerce business models of eBay and Amazon have been evaluated. Comparison has been drawn on the business models that are used by the two companies to acquire a better understanding regarding the ecommerce practices and its efficacy. Furthermore, the strategy of dynamic pricing has also been explored in the following discussions.

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10 pages (2500 words) , Report

Gunns Ltd. is one of the largest companies operating in the paper industry business sector of the Australian economy. The company is facing some difficulties operating its business activities in the recent years due to some strategic issues associated with it. This study highlights the strategic problems of the company and suggests measures that can be taken up by the company to ensure its sustainable growth in future. The external environment of the company has been analysed using PESTEL analysis and the various competitive factors affecting the company have been identified utilising the Porter’s five forces model analysis concerning the global paper industry. The strict environmental regulations and the strong supplier power in the paper industry are identified to be having a significant impact on the company. The internal environment of the company has also been analysed utilising SWOT analysis as the strategic tool. The core competencies of the company have been identified to be its diversified products portfolio and it is trying to attain competitive advantage in the market through the strengthening of its core competencies. The financial analysis of the company shows that indebtedness is a major problem of the company and it is facing difficulty to source its fund for future investments. Based on the in-depth analysis of the company and its environmental conditions the best strategic alternative for the company has been identified to restructure its business model, focusing more on plantation-based business and accepting the proposed investment proposal related to Bell Bay pulpwood mill.

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