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Presentations are generally made through a proper presentation medium, of which PowerPoint presentation can be of the perfect example. It is a medium where reports, articles or any kind of topic is presented with most efficiency. Here the data received is presented in an attractive way so that it catches the reader’s attention at once. Powerpoint presentations enhances the effectiveness of the desired topic. This visual representation of a topic is very effective for students hailing from marketing, medicine, law etc. In educational sector teachers can very well represent their ideas through ppt which can help the students understand better. Preparing a good PowerPoint presentation requires proper understanding of the topic and thorough research. A student needs to maintain a proper structure while presenting a good ppt. Powerpoint though seems to be very east to master has many features that only people who are aware of the software can avail. This difference in knowledge creates a difference in the grades among the student across all universities of the world.

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Numerous slides on PowerPoint presentations has been provided in our website which can help the students gain knowledge regarding the task they have been assigned. Examples of PowerPoint presentations usher knowledge about the structure of ppt .We have been handling ppt since its inception, a student can learn about its features from the samples provided. The literature involved in creating a good ppt can be understood by going through our samples. Students can also consult our experts for aid in ppt. Our experts at essayexamples4u are skilled in handling all kinds of tasks related to PowerPoint presentations and also can help students deliver intriguing PowerPoints that are high in quality than that of professional presentations with end-to-end editorial assistance which fetch high grades for students which can fetch higher grades.

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Business Proposal of Roaring Dragon Hotel

0 pages (12 slides words) , PPT

In this study the case of Roaring Dragon Hotel was analyzed and two basic problems were identified, they are: Lack of vision, Lack of proper communication among the HI team and the employees of RDH. Due to this reason once a very popular hotel, lost its reputation completely. It is recommended that HI team must analyze the problem areas and develop a vision regarding their strategies and effect of such policies in future. It would also be advisable that the Guanxi culture should be retained and good relationship should be maintained with the employees and the stakeholders of the hotel.

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Starbucks Vs Dunkin Donuts

0 pages (8 slides words) , PPT

Key Problems • Saturation of the coffee retail chain market in US • Negative image among customers due to suppliers treatment , shop ambience not according to the culture of the country. • Failure of innovative product lines • Various labor disputes (Linn). Alternative Strategies • Gaining sustainable growth - A focused approach based on differentiation • Improving the perception of the customers - Best-cost provider strategy • Offering a wide range of products - Broad differentiation strategy Chosen Strategy • The strategies should be formulated under the Broad Differentiation Strategy – Offer differentiated products and services than the competitors – Set the shop ambience based on the culture of the international locations – Prove to be the best employer and partner (Horton).

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New Marketing Trends - NIKE

0 pages (50 slides words) , PPT

Nike is into designing and developing high quality footwear, equipment, apparel, and accessories. It is the largest seller of footwear in the world Nike’s business strategy is to conduct research and develop premium performance products. Demand for athletic products of Nike are created through their advertisement and promotional strategies. The company is financially stable globally.

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Business Operation of Apple

0 pages (7 slides words) , PPT

The organizational structure of Apple Inc. demonstrated a unique procedure of coordination and collaboration of all the functions. The management of the organization is managing the vast workforce of the company as a large one group. The organizational structure of Apple Inc. can be referred as flat as well as functional structure (Johnson, et al., 2012). The flat hierarchical structure of Apple Inc. encourages them to have limited number of managerial levels. Due to the flat hierarchical structure, Apple Inc. only possesses top level and first-line managers. There are no middle managers in the organization. The responsibilities of the middle managers are fulfilled by the first-line and top level management. This hierarchical structure has enabled the organization to enhance their effectiveness regarding empowerment and innovation (Daft, 2012). This hierarchical structure enhances the easier and quicker policy implementation while it is increasing the coordination within the workforce. The top management of Apple Inc. includes the CEO of the organization, Tim Cook. The first-line management includes senior vice presidents of the organization (Johnson, et al., 2012). The organizational structure of Apple Inc. can also be defined as functional structure as the employees are grouped as per their experiences, resources and common expertise (Johnson, et al., 2012). Functional structure has been developed in the organization to group the workforce according to their purposes. Employees within a particular functional division are directed to perform a set of specialized task which also increases the overall efficiency (Cosh et al., 2012). The different functional divisions of the organization include Hardware & Engineering, General Counsel, Human Resource, Industrial Design, Internet, Software and Services and Finance (Johnson, et al., 2012).

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