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Operations Management is a principle of business management that concerns with the process of production of goods and services, along with redesigning operational activities associated with business. The sole objective of the operations management is to improve the overall efficiency of the organisation, by increasing performance output while keeping the resource requirement as low as possible. It is also involved with quality management of business processes and service rendering. Superior operations management capabilities give the organizations a competitive edge over its rivals.

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Global Supply Chain Management of Apple Inc.

12 pages (3000 words) , Assignment

The paper illustrates the different stages of global supply chain management of Apple Inc. Through the evaluation of the current functioning of the system, Apple needed to shift their focus from process subcontracting to own a manufacturing and product assembly location in overseas. It should properly integrate the product assembly procedure within China.

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Operation Management Analysis of Coca Cola

19 pages (4700 words) , Report

The paper illustrates the international operations management strategies of Coca-Cola Company in order to analyse the company’s sustainability. Through the sustainability report of the company, it has been noted there has been a greater focus towards promotion of the personal well-being of their stakeholders. The overall analysis proves that globalization approaches and international market strategies has assisted the Coca-Cola Company to expand its business within different market places across the world.

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