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Operations Management is a principle of business management that concerns with the process of production of goods and services, along with redesigning operational activities associated with business. The sole objective of the operations management is to improve the overall efficiency of the organisation, by increasing performance output while keeping the resource requirement as low as possible. It is also involved with quality management of business processes and service rendering. Superior operations management capabilities give the organizations a competitive edge over its rivals.

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Purchasing and Management Acquisition

13 pages (3250 words) , Report

Supply chain management includes identifying the need of the company, making purchases accordingly, form contact with the suppliers, procure the raw materials or inventory, deliver the raw materials, inventory or finished goods to its right destination. The process of co-coordinating people and things for conducting business functions is called supply chain management. The project managers, supply chain personnel, suppliers, vendors, intermediaries, retailers and customers are involved in this process. This study has been undertaken to assess certain important aspects in supply chain management such as the problems areas which might act as barriers in the companies, the reasons behind increasing cost of supply chain or logistics cost, the effect of poor technological infrastructure on the supply chain of the organizations, the functionalities of different departments such as purchase or acquisition department in the supply chain and the also to know the right ingredients for an effective supply system. A survey was conducted to gather information regarding the current practices in the companies and also to gather suggestions for betterment of the system in this regard. A sample size of 10 companies was chosen and among them 200 respondents was selected to acquire information.

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Business to Business Marketing and Supply Chain Management

32 pages (8000 words) , Report

In the following discussions, the significance of business-to-business marketing and its impact on the supply chain management of a firm has been analysed. To critically discuss the statement, theories such as Transaction Cost Economics, Network Perspective and Social Network Theory of supply chain management has been applied. The case of BMI Healthcare Centre has been taken under consideration to acquire a better understanding regarding the same.

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Change Management at Australia Post

5 pages (1250 words) , Report

In the following report, the practice and significance of change management has been evaluated, by taking under considerations the Australian postal services. Organizational issues existing within Australia Post that have led to the implementation of change management within the organization has been explored in the following discussions. Furthermore, the significance of the same has been evaluated to acquire a better understanding regarding the same.

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Green Supply Chain Management

9 pages (2250 words) , Report

The discussions of the following paper focus on the concept of green supply chain management. It is evident from the discussions that organizations need to involve both internal and external stakeholders to improve the performance of the green supply chain management. An integrated network should be created by linking all the members of the value chain in order to make the green supply chain management not only sustainable but profitable also.

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A study of lean management in a supply chain context

13 pages (3250 words) , Report

The paper highlights the advantages of the lean management in the different phases of the supply chain in the context of Burberry Group Plc. It has also demonstrated various drawbacks of the complex supply chain structure of the organisation such as waste of resources, raw material and finish goods and long production lead-time. The overall analysis proves that the proper implementation of lean supply chain can reduce the overall production cost and lead-time taken for product delivery.

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