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A memo short for “memorandum” is a brief, written communication, especially in a business environment. It is a type of written document that is used to circulate information within an organization. The memo may consist of short messages but, informal reports may be of several pages as well.

While the memo is considered as informal it is actually formal to be said as they are different type of documentations within the organization. The memo is a short written notice or circulator but, they need to be brief and accurate. It needs to be seen that the memo is addressed to the right person or group, the subject line accurately conveying the content, it should anticipate and address potential objections, and it should be formatted clearly and consistently.

Going through all this it can become more or less of a problem if the content is not made as per the correct format and language. Many formats and tutorials are usually available online that can guide you or teach you about writing a perfect piece of memo however, learning can never be over until you see few ‘examples’ that gives you a vague idea about how u need to write and what sort of format you should use. As tutorial examples are easy to find online as well they might be accurate or just false as much as anyone knows, so you will need a dependable place to find the correct examples and what else is better if you can find them for FREE.


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Employee Policy Refresher Memo

6 pages (1500 words) , Memo

In this memo, different ways of reducing the burden of the employees with the help of different training procedures has been illustrated. It also states of job aids for the employees. The memo primarily focuses upon the HRM policies for logistics management so that it can be executed effectively. All the components of logistics must be understood for integrated operations.

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