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Marketing is a domain of business management that involves various business activities that involves development of strategies and planning for products, branding and advertisement, along with sales and distribution. The subject of marketing management mostly involves elements from economics and competitive strategy that to assess the industry and market in which an organization operates. As a student of this domain, one may have to conduct various associated activities such as Brand Audit, Marketing plan, market research, etc. The marketing department of a company is responsible for improving the brand awareness of a product, thereby improving its sales.

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Impact of marketing and finance on the tranformation of football sports to business

32 pages (8000 words) , Dissertation

The paper illustrates a detailed research on the way the football has transformed from sport to business. The objectives of this thesis indicated towards the marketable approaches of different leading football clubs such as Manchester United and FC Barcelona and the effect in their supporter and investor relationship. It has been recommended that football clubs need to be very cautious in terms of maintaining their relationship with long-term traditional football lovers while attracting new and commercial partners and supporters.

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15 pages (3750 words) , Research Proposal

The paper-evaluates the gap between the services and offerings of existing competitors and the changing demand, needs and preferences of the stakeholders of the MVNO market of South Africa to assess the viability of new market entry strategy. To perform the research, both qualitative and quantitative research design has been selected. Descriptive research and questionnaire survey will be conducted for the successful completion of the research process.

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Importance of Viral Marketing in Business

12 pages (3000 words) , Essay

The paper emphasize on the arguments related to the benefits of viral marketing concept adoption in organisation along with its limitations. Through the overall analysis, tit has been found that the adoption of viral marketing campaign has resulted in interactive advertisement, consumer-centric content development, proper selection of social or search media, rewarding programs and teaming up with other partners

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Effective Advertising

5 pages (1250 words) , Report

This report focuses on the effective advertising, subsequent media strategy and communication channel, present environment and messages to be communicated. Further focus on role of culture in advertising and its subsequent cultural aspects also provides a detailed perspective with suitable conclusion.

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Marketing Intelligence

12 pages (3000 words) , Report

This report focuses on the market size and future demand of Emirates airlines in the USA fundamentally focusing on its competitors and SWOT analysis. Techniques of customer satisfaction, ways of subsequent evaluation with the assistance of survey, review etc.

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