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Marketing is a domain of business management that involves various business activities that involves development of strategies and planning for products, branding and advertisement, along with sales and distribution. The subject of marketing management mostly involves elements from economics and competitive strategy that to assess the industry and market in which an organization operates. As a student of this domain, one may have to conduct various associated activities such as Brand Audit, Marketing plan, market research, etc. The marketing department of a company is responsible for improving the brand awareness of a product, thereby improving its sales.

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E-commerce - A Perspective from Book Businesses

7 pages (1750 words) , Report

In the following discussion, the advantages and disadvantages associated with electronic commerce for bookstores have been evaluated. Industry trends exhibited by various e-commerce bookstores have been explored in the following discussions. The competitive advantage of converting business into ecommerce and its positive implications have been explored in the following discussions.

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Marketing Concepts of Starbucks

8 pages (2000 words) , Report

In the following discussions, the various marketing concepts and strategies followed by Starbucks have been evaluated. The marketing mix employed by Starbucks to successfully develop and expand its businesses and gain recognition amongst its target market segment has been explored. Furthermore, Ansoff matrix has been applied to develop new marketing strategies for the firm.

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Brand images and Customer Loyalty

9 pages (2250 words) , Report

In the following dissertation, the non-linear and asymmetric relationship between brand image and customer loyalty has been evaluated by taking under consideration the case of Lenovo and IBM. The main purpose of the study is to analyse how brand image of IBM effect customer loyalty of its products, especially the laptops.

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Marketing Communication of Devine Chocolate Limited

12 pages (3000 words) , Report

In the following report, the marketing strategies applied by Devine Chocolates have been explored. Devine Chocolate Limited is a renowned chocolate company which is based on United Kingdom. The existing position of the firm has been analysed along with the marketing communications that are being used currently. Based on the same, new plans have been recommended for the plan, in the report.

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Eco-Fashion Apparels

8 pages (2000 words) , Report

Purpose – Purpose of the paper is to find the relationship between perceptions based values in terms of product sustainability and environmental sustainability of fashion supply chains among young generation Y consumers and their purchasing decision for eco-fashion apparels. Findings – Knowledge about the benefits of sustainability of eco-fashion products can direct purchasing behaviour of generation Y customers. Originality/value – The paper has pointed out that personal belief and value system of customers can direct purchasing decision of customers while purchasing eco-fashion products.

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Marketing Management is a major subject that you’ll have to learn as a student of business administration and management. During your course, you’ll have to come across a lot of theories and models, that you need to implement in your assignments. We understand how much these essays and assignments can be a difficult for you, especially when you have no idea how you need to proceed with your paper. On top of that, these assignments carry a lot of weightage, when it comes to completion of your course module.

Typically, in a module of a marketing course, you’ll need to write papers on various aspects such as market assessment, product development strategies and branding strategies, by using tools and models like PESTLE analysis, Marketing Mix, 3M of marketing communication, etc. Each of the essays and reports that you need to write will test your knowledge and acumen on various parameters such as critical thinking, ability to express views, theoretical knowledge, implementation of theories, organization of thoughts and command over the language. Now as a student, who has just enrolled in a business management course, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to nail those essays on the first go. In fact, even experienced students sometimes stumble around to get their heads around critical marketing essay topics.

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