Customer Relationship Marketing of KFC

Customer satisfaction is a phenomenon which firms try to achieve through diverse tactics. One such technique for achieving customer satisfaction and retaining consumers for longer durations is through the development of customer relationship marketing (CRM). Companies exist due to the fact that they have a market to serve. If consumers are not retained, the efforts taken by a firm to provide different types of services and products becomes a waste. Hence understanding whether the services offered by a firm are valuable to consumers becomes essential. This is one of the most important reasons why relationship marketing becomes essential. Obtaining feedbacks and accordingly improving upon firms strengths and eliminating weaknesses are seen to be the core objectives of CRM. CRM is also perceived as a strategy by which new consumer needs can be identified and competitive advantages are formed. Long term relationship building and better understanding of consumers are the prime reasons why companies consider investing in the development of CRM. In the current study, the various aspects associated CRM have been vividly analyzed to gain a deeper insight in its relevance and contributions towards increasing commercial productivity. The study has been essentially been carried out in respect of two important restaurant service providing firms namely KFC and McDonalds. Both the firms consider that customer relationship maintenance is crucial for their long term survival in the industry. A descriptive analysis of the CRM efforts taken by both the firms has been incorporated in the present study laying light predominantly upon the importance of CRM in their long term survival and maintenance of strategic position.

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