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The domain of human resources is involved with management of staff members who enable an organization to achieve competitive advantage. The purpose of the HR department is to make sure that the human capital of an organization is being properly utilized to achieve higher degree of performance and efficiency. Various aspects like employee motivation, recruitment and staffing, compensation and employment policy development, etc. are includes in the management of human resources. This subject domain is completely oriented to the workforce management of an organization. It teaches the future managers about how they can manage the employees to improve the overall organizational performance and corporate branding.

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Role of the HR Department

10 pages (2500 words) , Report

This short report will shed light on significant role played by human resource department of organization in order to ensure employee well being and employee work-life balance. Specifically, the study has outlined how HR department can create a psychologically and physiologically safe work environment for workers. Issues like employee health and safety and workplace bullying and sexual harassment culture have also been discussed with significant importance in the study. Case of Ozzie Construction Company (OCC) has been used as real life case study in the paper while research works of research scholars have been used to present the argument. The report has also offered some recommendations by connecting both practical examples and academic research works regarding employee well being and employee work-life balance.

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Human Resources Management: Challenges and Changes

8 pages (2000 words) , Essay

The role played by Human Resource Management system in the present scenario is of prime significance due to its immense contribution to the strategic development process apart from the traditional organisational development approach. The following discusses the gradual changes that took place in the human resource process along with the challenges faced due to the expansion of its scope.

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Cross-Cultural Effects on Leadership Style of America And India

9 pages (2250 words) , Report

In this study the different aspects of cross-cultural effects on the leadership styles of the countries have been discussed. The objective was to draw a difference between USA and India’s national culture on their leaderships and their characteristics. The concept of followership has also been expressed in this study with respect to its relationship with leadership and the culture of the country. A comparative analysis has been done between UAS and India to explain the points clearly. Further a comparative study on the various leadership styles have been stated based on the behavioral pattern and the cultural influence of UAS and India. Examples of eminent leaders from UAS and India have been cited to explain the nature of the leadership style better. Lastly the universal leadership traits or qualities have been listed and explained in order to evaluate the global culture that works when it comes to selection of a leader.

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Recruitment Process

4 pages (1000 words) , Report

The study discusses in detail the recruitment procedure followed by the world-renowned retailer Tesco. The enormous growth and development of the company is the result of a transparent recruitment procedure which the company follows. Moreover, several recommendations have been provided to enhance the recruitment procedure of the company considerably with the objective of enhancing its systematic operations.

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Management Issue of Vodafone Group Plc

5 pages (1250 words) , Essay

Organizational behavior of a firm depicts the procedures followed by a company in managing its workforce as well as ensure generating adequate level of work satisfaction. The world-renowned telecommunication service provider Vodafone Group Plc is taken into consideration for the following study. The company known for its diverse operational base present all over the globe is highly appropriate for the concerned study.

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