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The domain of human resources is involved with management of staff members who enable an organization to achieve competitive advantage. The purpose of the HR department is to make sure that the human capital of an organization is being properly utilized to achieve higher degree of performance and efficiency. Various aspects like employee motivation, recruitment and staffing, compensation and employment policy development, etc. are includes in the management of human resources. This subject domain is completely oriented to the workforce management of an organization. It teaches the future managers about how they can manage the employees to improve the overall organizational performance and corporate branding.

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Benefits of E-Recruitment on Human Resource Supply Chain Management

11 pages (2750 words) , Report

Purpose – Although research scholars have predicted that internet will be the future of recruitment and also predicted that sooner or later e-recruitment will replace other traditional recruitment sources, however till date there is not much literature available which investigates the relationship between benefits of e-recruitment and efficiency of human resource supply chain management from the perspective of Indian healthcare service industry. This paper aims to investigate how benefits of e-recruitment can help Indian healthcare service companies to improve its human resource supply chain management and achieve competitive advantage. Design/methodology– The researcher will use survey method for collecting data from HR managers of Indian healthcare companies and then take help of statistical tools in order to analyze the data. The researcher has taken help of diffusion of innovation theory (DIT) in order to formulate the research model. Findings – Benefits of e-recruitment such as cost efficiency, broader access to potential candidate’s profile and short recruitment cycle can positively increase efficiency for human resource supply chain management for Indian healthcare companies and also can help them to achieve competitive advantage in terms of profitability and return on investment. Originality/value – This research will try to shed light on relational matrix between e-recruitment and human resource supply chain management in terms of Indian healthcare industry perspective, the research problem for the study is ignored by the previous researchers for a long time. Findings of the researcher will create not only scope for future researchers but also help companies to decide e-recruitment strategy.

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Motivation in Work Place

6 pages (1500 words) , Report

This report will try to throw some light on contemporary regarding motivation of workers in the workplace. In modern business world, managers are facing challenges regarding motivating workers in workplace, because, in an organization with diversified workforce, employees come from different demographic orientation and cultural background hence their needs and value system are different, hence it is a challenge for the organizations to identify a reason which motivate all the employees in equal manner. In such context, the study will identify contemporary issues that are faced by managers to motivate workers in the first part of the study. In the second part, the study will analyze real life business cases where managers have successfully motivated workers in the workplace. In the last part the study has recommend managerial skills that are needed to motivate employees in effective manner.

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Employee Motivation to Improve Productivity

6 pages (1500 words) , Report

Purpose – This paper aims to identify factors which can improve employee motivation in fast food industries and recommend strategies for fast food companies to improve employee’s motivation in effective manner. Design/methodology/approach – This paper quantitatively analyzes data collected by doing survey on 50 employees of 10 fast food restaurants located in London in order to address the research problem. Findings – Financial remuneration, job empowerment, safety workplace environment, personal development opportunity are most important contributors in motivating an employee working in fast food companies. Maslow’s need hierarchy model and Hertzberg’s two factor model can be effectively used by managers of fast food companies to enhance employee motivation level. Research limitations –The researcher fails provide mathematical and logical justification of the significance of higher order needs such as self esteem and self actualization in context to motivation level of employees working in UK fast food industry. Originality/value – Very few researchers have tried to establish statistical validation of Maslow’s need hierarchy model and Hertzberg’s two factor theory in context to fast food industry in UK, hence this research work will explore an area of employee motivation which is complemented with scarce literature.

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Performance Management of IBM

12 pages (3000 words) , Report

In this paper, the researcher will shed light on existing performance management system in IBM and try to identify various factors associated with the performance management system of the company. In the first part the study will try to understand business profile of the selected organization and then move on to describing performance criteria of existing performance management system of IBM. Understanding the reasons behind poor performance will be the key essence of the second part of the paper whereas the study will also try to shed light on compensation and reward of the company. In the last part, the study will recommend a strategic plan which is expected to fill up the loopholes in existing performance management system in IBM.

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Culture, Ethics, and Diversity at HSBC

7 pages (1750 words) , Report

In this paper, the researcher will shed light on three pertinent factors such as ethics, culture and diversity in context to leadership dimension of organization. Each of the concepts will be discussed in the light of research work of various research scholars. In the next stage, the researcher will define the intra level relationship between diversified organizational culture and ethical leadership culture and how conjoint impact of these two variables can help an organization to achieve leadership position. In the last stage, the study will cite a case study of a real-life organization in order to enhance practical value of the paper.

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