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The domain of human resources is involved with management of staff members who enable an organization to achieve competitive advantage. The purpose of the HR department is to make sure that the human capital of an organization is being properly utilized to achieve higher degree of performance and efficiency. Various aspects like employee motivation, recruitment and staffing, compensation and employment policy development, etc. are includes in the management of human resources. This subject domain is completely oriented to the workforce management of an organization. It teaches the future managers about how they can manage the employees to improve the overall organizational performance and corporate branding.

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Employee Policy Refresher Memo

6 pages (1500 words) , Memo

In this memo, different ways of reducing the burden of the employees with the help of different training procedures has been illustrated. It also states of job aids for the employees. The memo primarily focuses upon the HRM policies for logistics management so that it can be executed effectively. All the components of logistics must be understood for integrated operations.

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Compensation and Benefit Plan for Employees

7 pages (1750 words) , Report

In this particular paper, a proper format related to the benefit and the compensation is stated for the employees in an organization. Through the format of the project charter, a detailed human resource policies and goals of the project has been considered. Communication plan and compensation plan helps benefiting HR personnel in a project.

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Impact of legislation on workforce management

6 pages (1500 words) , Report

In this paper, the detailed study has been conducted of the management issues that are being faced by the organizations around the world. Legislations related to wages is considered quite important as it influences the operation of the firm. Walmart and McDonalds are seen to be victims of the changes in federal law so there is a need for a more reformed legislation.

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Gender Division in the labour market of UK

12 pages (3000 words) , Essay

Gender Inequality in workplace is considered as a serious problem in the modern day organizations in the developed and the developing nation. Women are seen to be the more deprived than their male counterparts. In this paper, the gender biasness in the UK working society has been considered. The results clearly reveals that there exist inequality and that affects the performance of the nation. In order to avoid it there is a need for considering appointment of more number of female in managerial and senior positions.

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Impact of occupational stress on the health of the employees

8 pages (2000 words) , Essay

In this paper, a detailed discussion is carried about the impact of occupational stress on health of the employees. Various reasons and sources of occupational stress in the current business scenario and the possible solutions has also been provided. Through the analysis, it is quite evident the role of management plays a very important role in solving work related stress.

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