Human Resources Management

The major responsibility of the human resource department is to deliver its commitment towards the organization, such as motivating employees, deriving higher performance from them through proper training, maintain healthy atmosphere within the organization. The committed workers in the organization are assigned the responsibility of to self-monitor or handle a group of employees. The aim was to explore the relation between the human resource management, industrial relations and trade unions. All these aspects are covered to understand the case study in the study about a pharmaceutical company, which conducted regular drug test of the employee. If the employees were found positive then they were dismissed from their job. The company was dealing in controversial drugs. We would be focusing on the case of James, a sales team leader in the office. He was found guilty when a sudden drug test was conducted on him and results were positive. The company took the decision which was similar for all. He was dismissed. In this aspect the role and reach of the human resource department is analyzed. The legal reach of the HRD, ethical issues that the HRD has to keep in mind and the role of the trade unions in the organization are also discussed. The legal help that an employee may receive if he/she is unfairly dismissed by the company is also analyzed in the study to advice both the parties in the case the next steps that they can take. It is the duty of the HRD to solve issues within the company, so that they would not have to spend unnecessary money in legal cases. Generally companies solve issues through mutual talk with trade unions or compensate the employee for the loss that he/she had to bear for sudden unemployment. In this case Ms. Davison was the bridge between the trade union and the management of the company. She was supposed to solve issues and settle the matter. It was recommended that the personnel should be given a second chance for improvement with strict notice of warning. Termination is a final and drastic step, which could be only taken after few oral or written warnings.

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