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Although General Management is not a particular subject domain in MBA or other identical degree courses, but it involves various aspects of business management. Topics like management practices, strategy implementation, organizational case studies, project management, etc. can be categorized under this section. General Management essays can include a wide variety of sub domains that are covered in a typical MBA course. We have aimed to cover as much essay topics as possible under this segment so that you do not have to look for essay samples anywhere else.

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Marketing strategies adopted by Nokia

10 pages (2500 words) , Report

The marketing strategy of Nokia has been analysed through the report. It illustrates information related to the current position in the market, the global strategy adopted for marketing and the strategies adopted for product development. The association of the case in terms of synopsis, analysis, discussion, recommendation and implementation helps in resolving the problems faced by Nokia.

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Importance of Robotics in Manufacturing Industry

11 pages (2700 words) , Research Report

Robotics has been playing a very important role in developing the manufacturing sector around the world. Through the different literatures, it can be seen that the use of robotics has helped in making the process of manufacturing more lean, which helps in reducing the costs. The researcher has also performed a secondary research on the topic stating the limitations and the advantages that are faced on using robotics in manufacturing.

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Comparison of Management Theories

11 pages (2750 words) , Report

The analysis of the historical development of neoclassical and classical approaches of management is one of the major areas of study for different organisations as well as management students and researchers. The illustration of historical development of management theories identifies two major phases such as classical term composed by Fayol, Taylor and Weber and the neoclassical term developed through human relation movement and Hawthorne experiment. The study has detailed and analyzed the logical and application differences of few major theories and principles of these classical and neoclassical phases. The study has mainly targeted to evaluate Elton Mayo’s “Behavioural Theory”, Max Weber’s “Bureaucratic Theory” and Henri Fayol’s “Administrative Management”. A brief illustration of the theorists in terms of their early work life and contribution to the management theories and practices has highlighted the difference between their approaches towards the management practices and its developments. The evaluation of their theories has detailed that the principles of Elton Mayo is focused on emphasizing on the importance of social relationship to introduce human relation movement in organisational development while the theories of Max Weber is targeted to implement chain of command and hierarchical authority to achieving organisational goals. Alternatively, the research work of Henry Fayol describes the efficiency of unity of command and specialization in organisational development. The final discussion of the study has identified the importance of each theory in the improvement and development of managerial functions in different types and size of organisation by highlighting a number of valuable examples.

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Application of CRM in Coles Supermarket

10 pages (2500 words) , Report

CRM is considered one of the important application in building the relationship of the customer with the retailer. In this paper, a discussion is provided on the importance of CRM in Coles Supermarket. The assessment of consumer lifecycle model and CRM pyramid has helped in analyzing flaws of the system and it is an ideal way through which departmental coordination is realized.

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Restructuring Plan for Tesco and Asda

8 pages (2000 words) , Report

The report is based on the study of different leadership theories and their importance in the 21st century business environment. It has described different aspects and factors influencing three leadership theories such as trait, behavioural and contingency theory. The report focused on the current multichannel restructuring plans of Tesco and Asda, the two retail giants of the UK. The study of the restructuring plans of these organisations has projected the mass changes in leadership roles and responsibilities of their managerial levels. These new leadership roles are more emphasised towards the needs of their online and store customers and the new advancement of technologies. Therefore, the study has utilized different leadership theories to explain the required traits and skills for the new managerial positions.

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If you have enrolled yourself in an MBA course, chances are that you are losing sleep getting your head around so many subjects. Each of them consists of countless theories and models that you need to memorize and learn to implement them in a given situation. Many academicians agree that students often find it quite challenging to nail their general management essays, as it involves various aspects. They often fail to understand what all they should include in an essay.

Students often struggle to understand certain theoretical concepts, especially those of project management and strategy implementation. Project management reports often require the use of special tools like MS Projects, which itself is quite difficult to learn. Moreover, in case of essays that involve strategy implementation, the students are not only expected to have a robust knowledge about the theories but also about how they can be applied in different real life situations. Essays involving strategy implementation cannot be nailed by simply memorizing text books. One needs to have critical thinking and good decision making abilities. As a student you need to make sure that you essay contains the best possible solution to a given problem.

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