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Although General Management is not a particular subject domain in MBA or other identical degree courses, but it involves various aspects of business management. Topics like management practices, strategy implementation, organizational case studies, project management, etc. can be categorized under this section. General Management essays can include a wide variety of sub domains that are covered in a typical MBA course. We have aimed to cover as much essay topics as possible under this segment so that you do not have to look for essay samples anywhere else.

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IT & Entrepreneurship

13 pages (3250 words) , Report

This report aims formulating an analysing a business plan for a new business venture. The venture is related to establishment of a website that will offer dental treatment deals, cosmetic dentistry treatment service appointments at best price. In UK dentistry have huge demand, and 80 percent of the citizens have dental insurance. This may be because of the majority of aging population in UK. Gnashes Inc. would be the name of the company and the website would be named as Gnashes, which would clearly mention the treatments, procedure, price and the location of the dental clinic or centre. In addition to this Gnashes website will also allow its customers to book take online appointment and pay online, so this makes the process easier than the competitors. Moreover, as estimated the company would be able to generate increasing profit in a span of three years and would be able to meet its break-even in the second year. Gnashes will have a team of business development executives to handle clients, and customer care team for the customers. The clients would be offered this service for a commission. In order to reduce the commission percent or offer free services, Gnashes Inc. Would try to acquire sponsorship from tooth paste or tooth related product or service companies. This will create a mode of revenue generation. However, this is a part of future plans and developments. The budget estimations reveal that the company would be able to meet its cost and generate moderately high income in its initial years.

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Strategic Management Report of TESCO

8 pages (2000 words) , Report

The following report provides an overall strategic management analysis of the United Kingdom based world-renowned retail company Tesco. The present business environment of the company has been discussed in detail along with the analysis of its competitive forces. Moreover, the management and operating business aspects of Tesco has also been highlighted in this report.

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Business Strategy for Quirky Inc.

10 pages (2500 words) , Report

The report is based on the strategic analysis of Quirky Inc. to establish a competitive strategic model for its business expansion to Singapore. The main aim of the study is to understand the current position of the organisation and suggesting their future activities to acquire the market of Singapore. The study has evaluated the internal key driving forces of the organisation through the analysis of VRIO as well as McKinsey’s 7s framework. The evaluation of driving forces of external market and the competitors’ analysis of new location has also performed through the PESTLE and Porter’s five forces analysis framework. These analyses have assisted the report to evaluate the critical success factors of the organisation. It has also assisted to design various strategic recommendations for the organisation such as STP strategy, Horizontal and Vertical integration and Ansoff’s Matrix. These strategies have been illustrated to suggest the future activities of the organisation to acquire a strong position in the different market segments of Singapore. Value based pricing, cost and pricing strategies have been recommended for the new as well as existing product line of the organisation. These strategies will assist the organisation to attract new consumers towards their products and services to improve their global market growth.

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Entrepreneurship Approach to Marketing Communication for‘The Gathering Goddess’

9 pages (2250 words) , Report

The paper illustrates the essential entrepreneurial marketing communication approach for The Gathering Goddess to improve their future market performances. In order to have successful marketing, the company is suggested for designing various entrepreneurial marketing communication strategies such as relationship marketing, viral marketing, digital marketing, real-time marketing and expeditionary marketing.

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Report on Chile Mining Industry

9 pages (2250 words) , Report

The paper provides a detailed evaluation of the ethical issues that is faced by the mining industry in Chile. Most of the issues are influenced by the breach of worker’s right and the improper communication within the stakeholders association. In order to overcome the issues, restructuring of ethical code of conduct, Socio-economic Assessment Toolbox and meetings with labour union has been suggested.

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The General Management Essay Examples: Get Best Ideas for your College Essays

If you have enrolled yourself in an MBA course, chances are that you are losing sleep getting your head around so many subjects. Each of them consists of countless theories and models that you need to memorize and learn to implement them in a given situation. Many academicians agree that students often find it quite challenging to nail their general management essays, as it involves various aspects. They often fail to understand what all they should include in an essay.

Students often struggle to understand certain theoretical concepts, especially those of project management and strategy implementation. Project management reports often require the use of special tools like MS Projects, which itself is quite difficult to learn. Moreover, in case of essays that involve strategy implementation, the students are not only expected to have a robust knowledge about the theories but also about how they can be applied in different real life situations. Essays involving strategy implementation cannot be nailed by simply memorizing text books. One needs to have critical thinking and good decision making abilities. As a student you need to make sure that you essay contains the best possible solution to a given problem.

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