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Although General Management is not a particular subject domain in MBA or other identical degree courses, but it involves various aspects of business management. Topics like management practices, strategy implementation, organizational case studies, project management, etc. can be categorized under this section. General Management essays can include a wide variety of sub domains that are covered in a typical MBA course. We have aimed to cover as much essay topics as possible under this segment so that you do not have to look for essay samples anywhere else.

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Application of Business Ethics

4 pages (1000 words) , Report

In the following report, the relation between ethics, bluffing and profit of businesses have been explored. It is observed that ethics is different from feelings, religion, laws and science. However, issues are faced by businesses to identify the correct ethical standards that need to be set for making decisions the following discussion aims towards exploring the same.

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Toyota Australia in Peril

18 pages (4500 words) , Report

In the following report, the business practices of Toyota Australia have been explored. The situation prevailing in Australia and the adverse effect of it on the automobile company, Toyota Australia has been analyzed. Various tools such as PESTLE analysis framework, Porter’s five-force analysis framework, Porter’s Generic Strategy, Value Chain analysis framework have been applied along with the Hofstede theory.

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Challenges in Joint Ventures (International Business)

7 pages (1750 words) , Report

In the following discussions, the various challenges associated with international joint ventures that are experienced by most of the business organizations have been evaluated. To acquire a better understanding regarding the same, PEST analysis framework has been utilized. Furthermore, the various techniques that are used by the different firms of the Middle East for overcoming the issues associated with international joint venture have been explored as well.

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Channel and Pricing Strategies, and Environmental Issues at Apple

5 pages (1250 words) , Report

Apple has launched a new product called iDesk. This study will try to throw some light on different distribution channels of the company. This report will try to figure out two major aspects of distribution channel. Pricing strategy for the iDesk will be analyzed in this essay. This study will dissect business environment in USA. Later part of the study will focus on different promotional techniques of Apple Inc. This study will try to analyze market condition for the company in terms of market share; growth rate etc. Macro environmental analysis of USA will be a part of the study. Finally, this report will throw some light on product launch strategy of the company.

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Strategic Plan of Sharjah Municipality

4 pages (1000 words) , Report

In the following report, the strategic planning applied by Sharjah Municipality for its eservices have been evaluated. Furthermore, the cost reduction practices and eservice models followed by the firm has been analysed in the following discussions. Existing payment channels and active teams maintaining these payment channels have been analysed as well.

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If you have enrolled yourself in an MBA course, chances are that you are losing sleep getting your head around so many subjects. Each of them consists of countless theories and models that you need to memorize and learn to implement them in a given situation. Many academicians agree that students often find it quite challenging to nail their general management essays, as it involves various aspects. They often fail to understand what all they should include in an essay.

Students often struggle to understand certain theoretical concepts, especially those of project management and strategy implementation. Project management reports often require the use of special tools like MS Projects, which itself is quite difficult to learn. Moreover, in case of essays that involve strategy implementation, the students are not only expected to have a robust knowledge about the theories but also about how they can be applied in different real life situations. Essays involving strategy implementation cannot be nailed by simply memorizing text books. One needs to have critical thinking and good decision making abilities. As a student you need to make sure that you essay contains the best possible solution to a given problem.

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