Theoretical Perspective: Virtual Project Management

Virtual Project Management means managing a team of workforce from different parts of the world. The project manager utilizes the latest technologies to plan and develop the project through devices and techniques, which produced virtual images and helped in data transfer. This methodology was helpful for those industries where it was difficult for people to visit and detect the problem areas. Oil and gas industry is such a sector which required detecting oil spills and also exploring new oil and gas fields. The project managers in this sector needed to monitor his workforce and schedule tasks for them. Project managers usually use emails and video conferencing techniques for a two-way communication with his team members. Apart from this, special 3D and 2D satellite images are used by project managers for detecting the areas of oil spills and the working condition of the pumps. The manager then schedules the maintenance plan for the same. The oil and gas field can also be detected under the sea or on ground through 3D images of Stereo satellites. The companies are injecting the most advanced technologies to increase the efficiency of the workforce and also maximize the profit. Increasing use of these VPM tools is also helping the industry to decrease their operating expenses and this might also affect the price of oil and gases in the global market in future.

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