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Finance and accounting is the study of financial condition of a firm/company/an organization. You may say that it is analyzing and reviewing of funds, assets, etc. transactions that take place in and by a company. Its writing can be very complex, covering many aspects like Audit, IFRS, corporate accounting and finance, financial report, etc. Mostly when writing a finance and accounting paper getting the perfect format is very important and for that you can take help from examples. Here we aspire to cover all the topics related to ‘Financial and accounting’ and bring you the best examples at one place.

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Intermediate Financial Accounting

7 pages (1750 words) , Report

This section of the study would provide a small overview of the whole study in a brief and precise manner. The report deals with the discussion and understandings related to the intangible assets of the companies. The first part reviews the significance of intangible assets in organizations and how it is assisting companies to maintain their position in the competitive environment. International Accounting Standard 38 mentions the utility and usage of intangibles in the financial aspect of companies. The intangible assets are the intellectual property rights, goodwill and the expenditures of the company on research and developments. They are also known as capital developments. In the second part of the report, the examples of two famous listed Australian companies have been taken. Both of these companies are from pharmaceutical industry. Acrux Limited specializes into development of fast-drying sprays and other medicinal products, while Agenix Limited is mainly based in China and has competency in development of biopharmaceuticals. The company is into several agreements with renowned institutions for development, innovation and discovery of useful medicines for the betterment of mankind. The management in Acrux Limited considers their intangible assets at the cost price when they were acquired. In case of Agenix Limited the capital development of their research and development on some new drug has been included. Agenix Limited has a larger base of intangible assets than Acrux limited, in terms of financial value. Both the financial statement of both the companies shows that the intangible assets of the companies are well-maintained. This also signifies that the value of these companies in terms of their goodwill is high in the market and revenue or profitability is also high.

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Finance and Accounting

8 pages (2000 words) , Report

This study aims to advice Sparkle Plc. and its board of directors regarding the information that should be included in the annual report of the company along with the financial statements. The compulsory information included is those which are significant and has to be included according to the Company Act of 2006, while the voluntary information is those which are important but optional. That means the presence of such information would be useful and surely enhance value and goodwill of the company, but it is up to the decision of the directors. To support the significance of such information, theories of concepts are also explained. The recommendations included are from the perspective of a financial account which is responsible to advice the directors of Sparkle Plc.

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The Housing Bubble and Indy Mac Bank

6 pages (1500 words) , Report

The Indy Mac bank collapsed in July 2008 is regarded as the most expensive failure in the history of US. Indy Mac Bank exclusively dealt in Alt-A mortgage loans which were considered to have the highest credit rating and was safer than the subprime loans. However during the boom period Indy Mac bank provided loans to the customers without much documentation or verification of their income strengths. Indy Mac was and its profitability was rising considerably due to increasing disbursing of loans. The property prices were high, so if the customers failed to pay the loan back, the possession of the house or property was taken and sold to investors for pooling the money, but this bubble busted and the price of the houses fell considerably. Moreover, many borrowers could not pay the loan back, as the bank did not check the authenticity of the borrower before disbursing the loans. So the bad loans accumulated with the bank. The bank had no such provision to sell the property and pool money because the purchasing power of the buyers in the market had reduced considerably and no one was willing to buy property. This was the situations which like the other bank Indy Mac Bank also faced, which led to its failure. Finally it was acquired by FDIC and Indy Mac became Indy Mac federal Bank.

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Corporate Finance and Related Ethical Issues

6 pages (1500 words) , Essay

The following study takes in to consideration the various forms of ethical issues prevailing in the corporate finance sector. It has been found out that organisations accomplish their goals and objectives through several corporate investments and financing options. The high degree of usage of the concept has led to the essential of analysing the associated issues and challenegs.

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Impact of International Expansion upon Profits

5 pages (1250 words) , Report

Globalised economic practices have transformed the manner in which commercial activities are carried out across the globe. Due to international trade, the markets of the globe have become unified and resources are exchanged easily. In the present research work, dedicated efforts have been undertaken to assess the impact of international expansion upon profits. The study was carried out taking into consideration the impact of international expansion upon Next Plc, Marks & Spencer and Tesco. Research findings are based upon the manner in which these organizations strategically operate in different nations so that profits are maximized. As evidence, the financial records of the companies are analysed and it is checked weather expanding internationally actually have facilitated the organizations to enhance their profits or not.

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Finance and accounting are the subjects introduced to analyze the monitory condition and other transactions that are linked to the capital in a firm or a company. The study of finance and accounting gives you the idea of how an organization works and how the capital flows effect the economic condition of the whole organization or a part of the organization. When it comes to analyzing a part of the organization there are several different matters that are covered or needs to be studied to understand and calculate the end result.

While being a finance student one of the most feared study of the semester can be writing a paper on the particular subject. Finance and accounting is the study of all transactions that takes place is an organization consisting of auditing, tax, petty expenses and what not and when writing a paper on this subject you might get any matter that can be as vast as the sea to begin with.

Finance writing has a much different writing approach than other essay writings. This set of writing mostly needs to include statistic information Analysis and complicated research methods. Theses paper might consist of continuous research. These kind of papers naturally falls under the category where textbook knowledge if less than half material to work with and written old thesis may only be a reference for research.

When it comes to writing it is more difficult to understand and implement the actual needed format as well as content. A financial paper will include numbers of records and net amounts to work with hence, the placement of such are more complex that to other mediums to work with.

Most of the time dealing with so much and also researching about everything it is undoubtedly the most difficult paper to work with and specially when this is the first time you are working on something like so. Experts always recommend to have a reliable reference so that you can get your paper precisely done, with an example to guide you through the do’s and don’ts there are high chances of creating the perfect paper you need. But, can you rely upon any website? Or any example you get? Upon any website? Or any example you get? You do not need to fret, our website provides you with a verity of materials to choose from on finance and accounting.

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