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Writing an essay can often be seen as a dreaded task, no matter how skilled you are with writing. It can also be said that writing an essay especially in academic level is the process of arranging a unified bunch of propositions into logic on a paper. An essay is supposed to be written in a way that give readers a single set of understanding at every part so, it is a must to present your writing in such a manner that the reader can understand.

Taking help from others may help you shape your research and ideas into a well enough essay to be understood but, most of the time writing that perfect essay is not as smooth as we think it might be. This time consuming activity turns out to be one of the most non successful activities if you do not know the basic understanding of writing an essay.

Firstly you can definitely research about writing an essay that may help u in gathering the research and well you do so u will definitely find on reliable web pages that 'Example' are one of the major keys in learning to writing a proper essay. Even if you are well skilled in writing an essay there will be a need of getting a brief idea about your topic and as well as how you can represent it in a suitable manner and for doing so you can simply look into some examples that can absolutely make your essay much better by a thousand time.

So in simple terms 'examples' or 'samples' are majorly effective tools you can use to create amazing essays. But, how can you know the samples you get are reliable? No need to look any further Essayexamples4u.com got you covered.


Our website ranks amongst the best when it comes to essay samples, we handpick 'professional' and 'reliable' samples that is surely to give you the best support for essay papers. We offer Example papers in a verity of subjects like Marketing, Economics, etc. You can find dozens of free samples from a vast selection of subject at one place in our website.

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CAPM and its Usage

5 pages (1250 words) , Essay

The following essay discusses about Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) and its usage in the practical world by highlighting the difficulties faced in its implementation. CAPM is widely used concept in determining the rate of return of any particular asset in financial management. It has been identified as the most significant tool in determining risk and the expected rate of return.

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Application of Control System

3 pages (750 words) , Essay

Quality of accounting plays an important role in the successful business operations. In order to ensure quality, the application control and ‘tone at the top’ approach plays an important role in reducing discrepancies. In this paper, the detailed illustration is provided on the importance of ERP system in improving the quality of accounting in an organization.

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Recruitment procedure for pilots in SilkAir

8 pages (2000 words) , Essay

SilkAir is one of the important airlines in the region of Singapore. Since the company had taken the initiative to expand its operation so the HR manager has been concerned in hiring potential pilots. This paper illustrates the recruitment plan for pilots for SilkAir. Advertising is going to be one of the important mode for selecting the candidates. After the selection, a detailed screening and interview of the candidate is going to be performed prior the ultimate recruitment.

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Corporate Governance and Accountability of Marks and Spencer

8 pages (2000 words) , Essay

The businesses needs to adopt sustainable steps so that it helps in effective operations. In this paper, a detailed discussion is provided about the sustainability programme of Marks and Spencer. The company has considered all the stakeholders prior to implementation of its business strategies. The Plan ‘A’ report of the company helps provide their sustainable practices.

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Comparative Analysis of KFC, McDonalds and Subway

12 pages (3000 words) , Essay

In this paper, a detailed discussion related to the business practices has been conducted with respect to the business operations of the renowned fast food retail chains. The strategies of KFC, Subway and McDonalds has been compared and contrasted. The differences in their operational strategies helps these companies to hold a more sound position in the market.

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