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Necessary help needed with dissertation preparation: guidelines and examples

A dissertation or thesis as it is commonly known, is a long essay normally written on a definite subject for obtaining a particular degree, especially PhD. The quality, complexity, durability and the deadline to complete a dissertation varies across universities all over the world. Dissertation is mainly defined as a written treatment of a particular subject.

How to write a dissertation

Dissertation usually follows a set structure which contains the title page, table of contents, chapters which normally include the introduction, methodology, literature review, findings, analysis and bibliography. Working on a research paper is similar to dissertation but the only difference is the scope. Besides that the stages are the same which consists of research conduction and text composition. The structure of a proper dissertation is discussed below
1. Defining the topic- As a dissertation is normally written to gain a degree so the topic name should be chosen which is highly streamlined and covers a pertinent issue or topic of interest that can have long term implication.
2. Plan composition- Without a proper plan, working on a dissertation becomes very difficult. Proper structured plan is necessary for a good dissertation as it improves the reliability of the research output
3. Work schedule- Proper work scheduling should be done so that one knows the exact time that will be needed for finishing each part of the presentation for PhD. Finishing the work within the given deadline is a must for most of the universities as marks and grades are deducted on late submission.
4. Research- Proper researching should be done for a good research paper. Consulting the supervising professor becomes increasingly important in order to obtain excellence.
5. Examination- Thorough examination of the notes and consistency of the text needs to be done for proper research paper submission.
6. Revision- Proper revision and rereading needs to be done. Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors should be carefully monitored and removed. Elaboration of the topics needs to be carefully procured so that the sentences do not look lousy and yield proper outcomes. Frantic work should be strictly prohibited, proper detailing with good research needs to be done.

How Students can be provided the necessary help needed

Thousands of dissertation samples are provided in the website which provides proper support for the students as they can relate their topics from the samples that are given. The students can also get a clear idea about the proper structure of a dissertation from the given samples. The examples also serve a great platform for the students to conduct research on the sources. The bibliography serves a proper source for the students to understand the literature used for the research presentation. For impeccable and error free dissertation one can approach our talented experts who are always ready to help. Deliverance of error free, high quality dissertations is a surety from our experts. Dissertations needs proper dedication and determination so get started with us as we take proper care for each research presentation.

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Impact of marketing and finance on the tranformation of football sports to business

32 pages (8000 words) , Dissertation

The paper illustrates a detailed research on the way the football has transformed from sport to business. The objectives of this thesis indicated towards the marketable approaches of different leading football clubs such as Manchester United and FC Barcelona and the effect in their supporter and investor relationship. It has been recommended that football clubs need to be very cautious in terms of maintaining their relationship with long-term traditional football lovers while attracting new and commercial partners and supporters.

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