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An assignment can be illustrated as a piece of work allocated to someone as part of a job or course study. It is a task that every student faces in their academic life. Assignments requires proper research, analytical skills and editing skills. The difficulty of each assignment varies, higher the level of the student the more complex it gets. This means the assignment of undergraduate students are simpler than those of the graduate level. Assignment is mainly assigned by the authority in order to test the candidate’s skills to analyze on a particular topic on which the student has to work on. Sometimes assignments also contain heavy weightage of marks which is added to the final grade of the students upon which the concerned student grades are judged. Thus the assignment is of extreme importance and needs to be submitted with impeccable precision. Researching skills needs to be at the zenith of ones potential to receive excellence.


Assignment follows the following structure:

1. The context of the issue that has to be worked upon or discussed has to be present at the opening paragraph. Here in the opening paragraph itself one needs to introduce their assignment statement so that the reader or the examiner gets familiar with what he can expect from the concerned assignment.

2. Next comes the most important part of the assignment. The body paragraph is the place where all the points that has to discussed for the given assignment needs to be discussed upon. Not only the points but the candidate can also express the different thoughts that needs to be worked upon for the given topic can be illustrated here in the body paragraph.

3. Finally the conclusion can be a summary of the entire assignment that has been discussed in the other two paragraphs. Here one can also discuss about the suitable solutions if faced and also elicit a hint of ones potential for further research on the given topic if authorized to do so.


Examples of about 30 assignments each on more than 40 subjects serve a perfect platform for the students to be aware of the structure of the assignments. Besides this, the sources also provides the necessary ideas of the literature to be written for a particular subject. Examples of assignment topics includes finance, human resource management, general management, and economics. Our website provides the best help possible for every topic. For impeccable error free assignment a candidate can consult our experts. Our experts can help the students to deliver high quality assignments which can help them to improve their grades according to their level of studies. Assignments free from grammatical errors and spelling mistakes is a surety from us at all cost. A candidate must always aim for a better grade at any level of their academic life which our experts can help them to achieve.

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Human Resource Management Training Methods

12 pages (3000 words) , Assignment

The first section in this study aims at evaluating the Harrison Training cycles in order to depict a one day training schedule in AXA arranged for their managers to cope with rising level of stress in the organization due to recession and economic slowdown. The study begins with the description of the concepts on training programs and their significance. Further a brief overview of the company AXA is given to explain its mission, objectives, and business strategies. The significance of the training intervention is also precisely explained so as to reveal how the training program streamlines with the business strategies of AXA. A training time table in Appendix 1 is designed to plan and develop a training event.

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Company Analysis: British Petroleum (BP)

11 pages (2750 words) , Assignment

In this study, the strategic environment in which British Petroleum (BP) operates has been discussed. The company follows a ten-point strategy which includes the safety issues and the operational functions that is based on the strengths of the company, such as relationship with the employees, value chain, technology, etc. If the business trend of BP is considered then it can be said that it did not reveal a positive scenario because of the oil spill that took place in the Gulf of Mexico. The US government had nearly cornered BP and its operations in their geography due to the environmental damage its oil spill had spread. This also negatively affected the company in terms of its goodwill and financials. The competitive element that BP has due to which it is recovering faster is its alternative energy initiative to produce renewable energy, bio fuels, and other energy through wind and solar power. As far as the core competencies of the company are concerned, it has strong goodwill, internal control, and are well known for its exploration skills too. The major competitors of BP are Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch Shell, Chevron, Valero Energy, ConocoPhillips, Sunoco and LUKOIL Petrobras. However, three of its competitors, namely, Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch Shell, and Chevron are chosen for conducting a comparative analysis with BP in this study. Different companies in the same industry have different competencies, but this does not mean that they hinder the growth of other company. The companies in oil and gas industry have huge market capitalization and their customers are also fixed, so there is negligible scope of cannibalization of market share.

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Global Supply Chain Management of Apple Inc.

12 pages (3000 words) , Assignment

The paper illustrates the different stages of global supply chain management of Apple Inc. Through the evaluation of the current functioning of the system, Apple needed to shift their focus from process subcontracting to own a manufacturing and product assembly location in overseas. It should properly integrate the product assembly procedure within China.

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Global Marketing

23 pages (5550 words) , Assignment

The paper deals with different aspect related to global marketing. The factors such as market segmentation, the determination of price, the strengths and weaknesses of global environment and cultural and environment factors all have a high impact on the marketing in an international context. All these factors needs a careful evaluation prior to taking any move by the firm.

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