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An assignment can be illustrated as a piece of work allocated to someone as part of a job or course study. It is a task that every student faces in their academic life. Assignments requires proper research, analytical skills and editing skills. The difficulty of each assignment varies, higher the level of the student the more complex it gets. This means the assignment of undergraduate students are simpler than those of the graduate level. Assignment is mainly assigned by the authority in order to test the candidate’s skills to analyze on a particular topic on which the student has to work on. Sometimes assignments also contain heavy weightage of marks which is added to the final grade of the students upon which the concerned student grades are judged. Thus the assignment is of extreme importance and needs to be submitted with impeccable precision. Researching skills needs to be at the zenith of ones potential to receive excellence.


Assignment follows the following structure:

1. The context of the issue that has to be worked upon or discussed has to be present at the opening paragraph. Here in the opening paragraph itself one needs to introduce their assignment statement so that the reader or the examiner gets familiar with what he can expect from the concerned assignment.

2. Next comes the most important part of the assignment. The body paragraph is the place where all the points that has to discussed for the given assignment needs to be discussed upon. Not only the points but the candidate can also express the different thoughts that needs to be worked upon for the given topic can be illustrated here in the body paragraph.

3. Finally the conclusion can be a summary of the entire assignment that has been discussed in the other two paragraphs. Here one can also discuss about the suitable solutions if faced and also elicit a hint of ones potential for further research on the given topic if authorized to do so.


Examples of about 30 assignments each on more than 40 subjects serve a perfect platform for the students to be aware of the structure of the assignments. Besides this, the sources also provides the necessary ideas of the literature to be written for a particular subject. Examples of assignment topics includes finance, human resource management, general management, and economics. Our website provides the best help possible for every topic. For impeccable error free assignment a candidate can consult our experts. Our experts can help the students to deliver high quality assignments which can help them to improve their grades according to their level of studies. Assignments free from grammatical errors and spelling mistakes is a surety from us at all cost. A candidate must always aim for a better grade at any level of their academic life which our experts can help them to achieve.

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Project Management Coursework Assignment

6 pages (1500 words) , Assignment

The channel tunnel is a rail tunnel under the sea that connects United Kingdom and France. It is one of the longest undersea tunnels in the world. So for fast transportation through the tunnel channel, Shuttle wagons were designed to carry passengers. Eurotunnel being the owner of the Channel Tunnel had give TransManche Link (TML) to develop the channel tunnel. TML had give subcontracts to other companies to manufacture the Shuttle Wagons. The project was given very limited time. The company would incur huge loses if they cross the given deadline. The company was bound to finish the construction of the channel tunnel before a particular season to protect itself from heavy interest payments, liquidated damages and a number of other loses. The Channel Tunnel design, operation and construction needed the approval of Intergovernmental Commission (IGC). But obstructions were coming up due to certain issues in the channel design. The safety of the channel tunnel in terms of fire safety was still an issue of doubt. The design parameter relating such problems were still uncertain. There were other problems related to delays in re-works and gaining IGC approvals on this matter. Eurotunnel declared that the delays were mainly due to the design of the fire doors of the rail shuttle wagons, as they were not meeting the safety guidelines. The changes in the design also led to a slow approval process, thus delaying the whole process of starting the channel tunnel and it also increased the cost of the company. Due to certain changes in the design, the other parts of designs were also modified according and this increased the complexity of the product design. The work schedule prepared for manufacturing and developing the total project got completely mess-up and the company had to pay extra compensation for extra work done on the designing of the shuttle wagon.

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Application of Financial Statement

3 pages (750 words) , Assignment

The following assignment discusses the effectiveness of the use of balance sheet and income statement to keep a track on the daily spending and expense activities. Moreover, the application of the concept of balance sheet and income statement in a business scenario is analyzed along with a detailed analysis of its usage by managers.

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Strategic Management (Analytical Report)

6 pages (1500 words) , Assignment

Strategic analysis encompasses analyzing the competitive capabilities of the company such as the strengths and weaknesses, resources, capabilities and internal strengths; secondly, the competitive and industrial conditions. The following report gives a detailed overview of the all the important strategic management tools used for the purpose of analyzing the business environment and the relative capacity of the firm in doing so amidst severe competitive forces.

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Corporate Finance Assignment

18 pages (4500 words) , Assignment

Corporate finance is assumed to be one of the significant aspects of financial management. The study focuses on analyzing the various concepts of corporate finance, comprising of investment appraisal, dividend policy and working capital policy. Moreover, the dividend policy followed the world-renowned retailer Tesco has been discussed in great detail as a part of analyzing the corporate financial aspect of the firm.

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Strategic Management Analysis of Starbucks

11 pages (2750 words) , Assignment

The following study analyses the strategic management procedure followed by the world-renowned coffee chain retailer Starbucks. The internal and external business environment of the company is analysed along with the identification of severe competitive forces. A strategic fit analysis is conducted to identify the relative strengths and weaknesses as well as future opportunities and threats.

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